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blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology can help you to improve different parts of your business. Optimize company structure, increase security or offer your costumers a unique way to access your services.

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    • eth
    • polygon
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    • algo
    • chainlink

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Get into Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are programmable applications stored on a Blockchain. They are highly customizable and can be coded to execute different operations once set conditions are met. Smart contracts can automate certain tasks or settle financial transactions, without the need for an intermediary.

A Blockchain provides an accurate, verifiable and open ledger to confirm all transactions, while smart contracts run on top of it. The most prominent example is Ethereum with its smart contract functionality. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain, providing a high level of security through it’s decentralized nature. Programmers deploy smart contracts onto the Ethereum network, users then interact with it.

Expand your business with us

  • Implementing smart contracts into your business

    As described above, there are a variety of ways to utilize smart contracts in your business. They can be used in property transfer, mortgages, securities and many more. For more detailed information contact us with your ideas and problems.

  • Enhance your website with Web3-Integration

    Most websites today are based on web2. Upgrade and integrate your website into web3, allowing people to connect with their wallets and access your services in unique ways. We also provide many solutions for a smoother user experience, while keeping it on the blockchain.

Implementation of our solutions

Get to know our solutions with the following examples and see firsthand how it’s implemented

Receive your own crypto-currency

We create highly customizable smart contracts that enable you to have your own token

Apply a custom set of rules to your currency and make it a versatile tool for your business. Select who has accessand define features.

Web3 Injection

The updated websites features a connect button on the top right

Users can interact with the website simply by connecting their wallet by pressing the connect button. This allows for a secure and unique way to use your service.

Move security On-chain

Give attackers no vector to disturb your business while staying in full control

For example, users identify themself with their public key thus replacing the need of a classic log-in system. Store data in smart contracts and use your website to make them visible, while keeping the security On-chain.

Optimize your business

Tell us how you want to expand with the help of blockchain technology. We can provide custom solutions for your Idea.

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About Us

EU located team in Portugal. Communication possible in German and English.

  • Mika Ripp

    Project Management / Web3&frontend dev

    Mika studied IT and economics in Germany until 2020. Since 2021, in the client orientated business, working on highly customizable solutions in the IT/security/blockchain space, ranging from smart contracts, frontend solutions to streamlining the planning. In late 2021, he added project management to the portfolio.

  • Neel Schönewald

    Fullstack & Web3 Developer

    Starting with Python in 2017, and Web development in 2018, Neel has since expanded his portfolio to being a full-stack developer. In Late 2020 he came into the Web3 space and quickly got comfortable with Solidity, now serving multiple clients, providing them with smart contracts.